Dog lodging – Fancy Camping for Dogs

Mental enrichment for dogs is important, whether at home or when kenneled. Ebony Kennel and White Mountain College for Pets are innovators in providing new and challenging enrichment activities as part of each dogs vacation stay.
Each guest has access to a variety of activities such as:

  • Filled Kong Toy
  • Kong Wobbler
  • Nylabone
  • Star Spinner Puzzle
  • Slider Puzzle
  • Nature Exploration
  • Scent Tubes
  • Throw – Chase Toys


We feed premium Fromm Chicken and Rice food, but are happy to feed your dog’s normal brand of food. For a stay shorter than one week, we encourage you to bring your dog’s normal food to reduce the chance of digestive upset.


Required Vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper Combo, Canine Cough and a flea/tick treatment

Each indoor animal has their own private, clean, and cozy Giant Vari-Kennel apartment. We heat our indoor kennel rooms in the winter and air-condition in the summer. Toys and bedding are provided or you may bring your own. Please do not bring large, stuffed or filled types of bedding. Easily machine washable bedding is happily accepted.
DSCF0980Indoor pets are exercised outdoors several times a day in our fenced play yard or leashed on our nature trails. Because the indoor kennel rooms are located on the first level of our residence, your pet is exposed to familiar human sounds throughout the day. This has a calming effect, acting as a substitute for the sounds they may be familiar with in their own home.
Our indoor housing is perfect for your small, nervous, or elderly dog. Our outdoor housing has attached exercise runs, making it a better choice for larger, more active dogs.
Our professional staff will make the final decision on housing, based on what is best for your individual pet.

Each outdoor accommodation provides a private 4’x8′ fenced exercise run with a free access clear Lexan “doggie door”, allowing your pet entrance as they choose to their own private indoor area.Your dogs are assured a good nights sleep on our Kuranda beds (see photo below). The two outside kennel buildings offer full coverage from the elements and are heated to 68 degrees during the winter and air-conditioned during the summer.P1000874
Both of our outdoor kennel buildings are less than 60 feet from our residence, allowing supervision of your pets through most of the day and night.
Outdoor housing is perfect for your active or larger breed dog. High energy breeds will enjoy the free access to their exercise run. Because your dog can go in and out at will, 24 hours a day, there is no worry about short-haired dogs being cold.


Canine Cough Vaccination is Required for Boarding

Nightly rates

  • Single: $30.00
  • Two dogs together, same family: $28.00 per dog
  • Geriatric: $5.00 additional per dog

Check-Out Day Pickup:

  • AM – No additional charge
  • PM – 1/2 the nightly rate

33 days for the cost of 30 with a boarding prepay package. 

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Camp Activity Packages

Cub Scout -$20
  • 1 Nature Walk
  • 1 Activity Session
Boy SCOUT -$40
  • 2 Nature Walks
  • 1 Scent Exploration
  • 1 Activity Session

Visiting & Tours

We maintain a 20 foot buffer between our kennels and customer contact. From our parking area the outdoor kennels are clearly visible and we are happy to explain the workings and accommodations to you.
Allowing close contact is likened to a stranger walking past your house and having your dog not react, but as they move closer, your dog will have a defensive reaction. Imagine your pet having to have that same defensive reaction multiple times in the course of a day.

It is our pledge that each animal we take in will have the most relaxed, stress free, and enjoyable experience we can provide. By frequently allowing customers close contact with the animals in our care, we would impose territorial stress and unnecessary excitement upon them.

Depending on the current occupancy of the kennel at the time of your visit, an up close tour of the animal areas may not be possible.
We welcome you to visit our property anytime during open hours to speak with the staff and observe our operation.