Cat Boarding – cats agree, it’s purrrfect here!

Mental enrichment for cats is important, whether at home or when kenneled. Ebony Kennel and White Mountain College for Pets are innovators in providing new and challenging enrichment activities as part of each cats vacation stay.
Each guest has access to a variety of activities such as:cat-with-kitty-kongsm

  • Filled Kitty Kong Toy
  • Kitty Kong Wobbler
  • Laser Pointer
  • String Feather Toys
  • Slider Puzzle
  • Live Rodents to Watch
  • Window Perches – Bird Watching
  • Tunnels and Hide-Aways

We feed premium Fromm cat food, but are happy to feed your cat’s normal brand of food. For a stay shorter than one week, we encourage you to bring your cats’s normal food to reduce the chance of digestive upset.


Each cat is housed in their own private, warm, multi-level condo. Litter pan, bedding and toys are provided. You are welcome to bring a bed and a few of your cat’s favorite toys but please do not bring large, stuffed or filled types of bedding. Easily machine washable bedding is happily accepted.

Individual attention is given to each cat a number of times throughout the day as well as group playtime depending on temperament.

Our cat room is HEPA filtered, heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.

Because the cat room is located on the first level of our residence, your cat is exposed to familiar human sounds throughout the day. This has a calming effect, acting as a substitute for the sounds they may be familiar with in their own home.

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Nightly Rates

  • Single: $15.00
  • Double: $13.00 per cat
  • Geriatric: $5.00 additional per cat

Check-Out Day Pickup:

  • AM – No Additional Charge
  • PM – 1/2 the nightly rate

33 days for the cost of 30 with a prepaid boarding package.

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