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Mental enrichment for small animals is important, whether at home or when kenneled. Ebony Kennel and White Mountain College for Pets are innovators in providing new and challenging enrichment activities as part of each pets vacation stay.
Each guest has access to a variety of activities such as:P1020133

  • Filled Treat Toy
  • Paper Rolls
  • Pipe Maze
  • Slider Puzzle
  • Burrow Boxes
  • Tunnels and Hide-Aways

We feed premium Oxbow rabbit food and ProHealth rodent food, but are happy to feed your critters normal brand of food.

Each pet is housed in their own private, warm, enclosure. Water bottle, bedding and toys are provided. You are welcome to bring your small animal cage and belongings but please do not bring large cages and please clean the cage prior to arrival. Check with us if you are unsure if yours is an acceptable cage size. There is no charge for cage cleaning, litter or food during your pets stay. We provide locally sourced wood shavings and CareFresh fluff bedding.


Individual attention is given to each pet a number of times throughout the day.

Our small animal room is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer.
Because the room is located on the first level of our residence, your pet is exposed to familiar human sounds throughout the day. This has a calming effect, acting as a substitute for the sounds they may be familiar with in their own home.

Rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy outside grass frolic time during the warmer months.


Nightly Price

  •  $12.00

Check-Out Day Pickup:

  • AM – No Additional Charge
  • PM – 1/2 the nightly rate

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